3 comments on “The Real Reasons for Smart Meters

  1. Agreed. This is best left to the markets. Electricity companies are free to offer their customers said devices, for the payment of £x00. Some customers might take up the offer, others won’t.

    If the govt really wanted to cut people’s fuel bills, it would scrap all the subsidies for windmills and nukes and reduce VAT on domestic fuel. If it really wanted people to use less electricity, it would simply hike VAT on domestic fuel. And if it wanted el-co’s to burn less fossil fuels, it would simply hike carbon taxes.

    But it has neither the intelligence nor the moral courage to do any of these, so we are left with a further enlargement to The State.

  2. Since most meters are tucked away, in the cupboard under the stairs or a similarly inaccessible place, nobody will see the “special offers” or “warnings” anyway.
    So £400 of cost and no savings. This one really does fail the cost/benefit test.

  3. Besides, there are devices on sale which enable you to monitor your own fuel consumption if you so desire. Why do we need a state one? I have a suspicion that your judgement is right.

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