4 comments on “Local Councillors and Their Budgets

  1. Yes councillors waste money, and if central government were to reduce its own spending and centrally collected taxes (i.e. reverse the VAT and NIC increases for a very start) as well, and reduce the grant to local councils and tell them they can raise council tax as much as the local electorate will allow, then I’d agree.

    In fact, we’d be far better off if we scrapped all centrally collected taxes and just increased council tax & Business Rates ten fold and had done with it.

    • Personally I would prefer to go the other way, i.e. abolish council tax and fund local councils entirely from central government. Councils have shown themselves over the years to be both less competent than central government, and less accountable.

  2. You should be naming names Adam, re the council you served on that increased its charges without needing to. Name and shame!

    • Since the meeting concerned, at which this was discussed, was a private one, that wouldn’t be fair. Also, I do not want to single out the council concerned (which incidentally could be entirely abolished and its responsibilities transferred to the local distirct council without any ill effects). The attitude is widespread, indeed endemic, amongst most councils.

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