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  1. Do you not believe then in any international action? 60 countries are signitaries to the ICC, and signing is surely done by democratically elelcted representatives of said countries. Its brief covers only 4 things: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression. It feels similar in fact in its scope to the Geneva Convention, and you would not argue against that? These bodies are attempts to react to world violence, and need supporting, not smashing.

    • International action is not the same thing as supra-national action.

      We really do need to emphasise that Libya is NOT a signatory to the ICC.

      Who defines what is a “crime against humanity”? Who decides what is “aggression”? Answer: the Court itself. The International Criminal Court is a body that has been set up to have authority over nation states, rather than an agreement between nation states. And its supporters really see its jurisdiction as worldwide. You can see that with the attempt to give it authority over Libya – and this is not just Mr Hague, remember. The Court itself has issued a warrant for Saif Al-Islam, despite the fact that his alleged crimes happened in a non-signatory state.

      Even of its signatories, many are not democratic, and even if they were, by whose authority do they impose their jurisdiction over states who have not joined?

      The ICC is one of a whole set of supra-national bodies that have been set up. Their aim is to subvert democracy (which they call “populism” or “demagoguery”). The nation state is the only guarantor of democracy. It is true that some states are not democratic, but also true that absolutely no supra-national body is. The new supra-national bodies have no democratic legitimacy at all, but represent rather a nascent international tyranny, regardless of whether you agree with certain individual actions they may take.

      The Geneva Convention is not a court, but an internationally accepted set of behaviours. (And even then, there is room for disagreement without sanction, e.g. with the United States and Guantanamo Bay.)

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