2 comments on “Labour Are Still More Worried About Sex Equality Than the Crisis

  1. I am all for equality of opportunity but I am not for equality at any price. In life there are winners and losers. The economic crisis is inevitably going to hit women harder. When it comes to a choice who goes and who stays in a rising unemployment market then women who nature have designed for nurture are going to be less productive and more costly to employ as nurture will take precedence over the workplace. Downgrading of the family has exacerbated the problem as men are not fulfilling their role as the principle bread winners. Equality at any price has added to our economic woes by turning meritocracy into mediocracy.

    • Personally I’m all for equality – although it works both ways and it would be nice if Labour, especially, stopped sneering at those women who choose to stay at home to look after their kids while their husbands go out to work.

      Surely the point is, though, that this issue is hardly an urgent priority right now!

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