3 comments on “Are We Living in 1850?

  1. A very interesting article and I am much wiser for it. I agree with most of your ideas contained in it but shudder at the thought of allying with the Lib-dims as for me they are just hard socialists in sheep’s clothings with some very loony ideas. The infusion of experience from UKIP joining with the likes of John Redwood etc would indeed be a game changer and could lead to considerable election success. However I believe in doing so it would expose Nigel Farage and show him as being of feeble intellect and dictatorial (a source of conflict and would put many off a partnership with UKIP) his only strength being as a front man.

    • Thanks for your kind comments. I think you are misunderstanding the Lib Dems though. They are definitely not hard socialists. Some of them (the ones who joined from the old SDP) are indeed soft socialists, or social democrats; but many (the “orange bookers”?) are definitely not socialist. I would say though that they can never win on their own. They need some additional critical mass from those Thatcherites like John Redwood (who is great but appears not to understand that he is not a Tory) and also from that Radical, populist “common sense” approach that UKIP increasingly stand for.

      I don’t agree with your assessment of Nigel Farage. (You won’t be surprised to hear that!) I certainly do not believe he is of feeble intellect; I do not believe he is instinctively dictatorial but is forced into behaving like that to hold a relatively undisciplined and fractious party together. I also believe he has an instinctive feeling for his place in British politics. He may not have thought it through in an intellectual way (or perhaps he has – I don’t know!) but he seems to have a clear set of political beliefs that mirror the 19th century Liberal ones. He might not be the equal of Gladstone (and God knows I am not!) but his politics are, in fact, remarkably similar. And I am absolutely convinced that he is a real leader, able to inspire others to follow him. I have not seen his equal in that respect in British politics since Margaret Thatcher’s fall.

      • I bow to your superior knowledge and analytical ability and and accept what you say. The only caveat is that I will reserve judgement on Nigel Farage until and if he is included in the leaders pre-election debates and see how well or badly he performs. I have a feeling or at least a fear that he may not do well as he has to be pretty quick on his feet and will lack the experience of the other leaders. To me to be on the safe side the best outcome for him and UKIP is for him to be barred and by so being collect a considerable number of sympathy voters come election day. He will not be barred for that very reason but will be dangled until the last minute so that he does not have time to prepare properly. Well that is what I would do if I was Cameron, Clegg and RedEd.

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