Climategate – Now It’s Just Getting Silly

Chairman of a Wind Energy Company to Chair Independent Climategate Investigation

The Chairman of the independent review into the science published by East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit has been appointed.

He is Lord Oxburgh.

Lord Oxburgh is President of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association, and Chairman of Falck Renewables, a wind energy company.

No conflict of interest there then.

If that’s what East Anglia University think is meant by an “independent review”, then it really sheds some light on why their Climate Reasearch Unit is now discredited.

Do they think we’re stupid?

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6 thoughts on “Climategate – Now It’s Just Getting Silly

  1. Given that the review is in respect to processes and not the science, I would expect that ANY competent manager / administrator who operates at that level could qualify. It should be easy to find someone without a vested interest.

    • To be fair, this particular review is of the science, and not the process. It is separate from the other review taking place into the processes.

      However, that doesn’t detract from the need to have a review that is both unbiassed and seen to be unbiassed.

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