2 comments on “Private Sector Takes the Pain, As Usual

  1. Agreed.

    BTW Nulab didn’t increase number of public sector workers by 1 million, it was more like 2 million. And out of 7 or 8 million official taxpayer funded jobs, there are 2 million ‘front line’ workers (teachers, coppers, dustbin men, social workers, nurses etc) and 6 million riff raff, costing us the princely sum of £169 billion a year.

    But that wouldn’t be so bad – on top of that £169 billion, the UK government spends another £281 billion on stuff they buy in from the private sector.

    Or to cut a long story, each front line teacher, copper etc costs us an average of £225,000 per annum.

    • I’m with you in spirit, but your figures are actually just a little suspect. After all, some of what the government buys in is not wasted. For example, when a private sector company resurfaces a road, or collects a dustbin, or even builds a warship, they are delivering something useful (well, in the case of the warship, I guess that’s debateable but still…).

      Basically, the situation is that the government is wasting more than the deficit, which means they could eliminate the deficit by stopping waste. And that means that every tax increase, and every service cut, that they impose to tackle the deficit, is really there to avoid stopping waste.

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