6 comments on “From Russia with Love?

  1. I’ve been wondering about this too. The encryption idea seems quite neat because the next release is merely a matter of sending out the key – no additional risk of detection. It keeps the pressure on without any further risk of detection.

    Maybe the whole thing is state-sponsored?

  2. Why 7-Zip? There’s a technical reason for it: the .zip format’s default encryption method is quite weak and susceptible to a known plaintext attack.

    Also, what was the heinous crime that was ‘revealed’ by FOIA2011.zip? Last I checked, it’s not a crime for Michael Mann to be nasty to people he doesn’t like, so if that’s the most serious ‘crime’ you can come up with…

    – frank

    • Not so sure about that technical reason. Winzip can use 256 bit AES encryption now, even if originally it was less sophisticated.

      You’re right that there weren’t any more serious revelations in this new release, but it did serve to remind people of how the climate scientists had been subverting due scientific procesd. We also do not know, of course, what is in the remaining encrypted files. I almost think maybe they just wanted someone to crack modern encryption for other reasons”

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