And The Vodka Was Flammable Too


Image by GrinnellGirl via Flickr


The Telegraph carries a headline today:

Lit cigarette probably caused illegal vodka factory explosion that killed five

Illegal vodka is one thing. But they ought to have known that cigarettes are dangerous.

Ian Woods, deputy divisional officer from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service, told the hearing that smoking materials and debris were found in significant quantities near the seat of the fire.

But just don’t mention the illegal vodka.

No smoke alarms were fitted in the unit.

A terrible oversight. All illegal vodka factories should make sure to follow Health and Safety laws.

Maureen Taylor, the local coroner, noted where the blame lay:

“I don’t know how the fire started, whether it was from a cigarette, who smoked that cigarette, or where.

“The only certainty was that illegal activities were going on.”

And they were making vodka, too.

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